AEW Files Copyright For New Video Game Concept

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

AEW has made it no secret, that they have been hard at work trying to develop their first video game for the company.

On September 10th, AEW registered a new trademark for “All Elite Wrestling: Elite General Manager” and “Elite GM.” It seems that these names could go to a new video game concept that revolves around being a General Manager. Here are the details of the game:

”G & S: Downloadable game software; Downloadable computer game software for use on mobile and cellular phones; Downloadable electronic game software for use on handheld computers and mobile gaming devices; Downloadable video game programs; Recorded video game software.”

Fans are eagerly awaiting there first chance to play a game with AEW Stars on their favorite consoles. However, although this may or may not have something to do with that AEW clearly has a lot of plans in the works that should have everyone excited.

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