All Elite Wrestling to debut same week as SmackDown move to FOX

Following up on yesterday’s story of All Elite Wrestling reportedly inking a deal with Time Warner to air on TNT/TBS it is said that this deal is “pretty complex” and they are aiming at multi-platform programming as well. This could mean any number of things from digital and beyond however things get even even more interesting. The program will air on Tuesdays and is reportedly set to debut the same week that SmackDown has it’s big move to Friday’s on FOX. It looks like the wrestling TV wars might be back which is great for fans. We reached out to All Elite Wrestling further about this and have yet to hear back. We expect their to be an official announcement made soon. With the pressure FOX is already putting on WWE to produce quality shows and bring the edge on their network we’ll have to see how WWE reacts. Hopefully they start to pick things up with the upcoming Superstar shake-up coming this week.

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