Booker T gives his thoughts on Bray Wyatt’s Fiend character

WWE Hall of Famer and 6x World Champion Booker T was on his Hall Of Fame Podcast this week to give his thoughts on a hot topic coming out of SummerSlam..The Fiend.

“I don't think it is repackaging with Bray Wyatt. I think Bray is one of those guys that he knows how much to give you," Booker explained. "He is not going to give you all of his full body of work. Some guys, literally, in 10 minutes, you see their entire resume. I'm talking about everything from top to bottom, but in those same 10 minutes from Bray Wyatt, you may see a tenth of his full capabilities. And that is the art of a true worker.
"I was one of those guys that I would do something and I wouldn't do something new for 3-6 months, and then drop something else," Booker continued. "[I would] keep working and then 6 months later, drop another thing on them, and the fans were like, 'Man, how does he keep coming up with all of this stuff?' It was stuff that I had in the bag that I didn't use, and that is what Bray Wyatt has mastered. Being able to go out there and give you what you need in that point of time. I totally understand that you have to totally work certain levels and Bray Wyatt has mastered the art of working at different levels."

"The fans want to be totally drawn in. The fans want to be able to feel that moment and say, 'Wow!'" Booker explained. "You remember when Wyatt came back and they did that 3-D thing? That was the talk of the town, and that is what evolving is. When you have the machine behind you, and they are able to create those special effects, and then you have the capabilities of a Bray Wyatt as far as how his mind can go - I am looking forward to seeing how far we can really take it with Bray."



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