Brock Lesnar had heat backstage after buying plane to travel with WWE

During a recent episode of Something To Wrestle With, Bruce Prichard spoke about the WWE locker room being jealous of Brock Lesnar after he bought a $400,000 plane to make WWE shows. Some of the boys in the back cursed his name and didn’t appreciate that Lesnar wanted to travel that way. Prichard also discussed Brock Lesnar‘s desire to leave WWE.

“I think that he needed a break, but at the same time, he was young and we were hoping to go with him at the time and do something with him, so you wanna capitalize on that and make hay while the sun shines.” “So with him it was ‘what are you gonna do?’ and then when he decided he wanted to go on and play football. It’s ‘Okay’ and you just move on. You can’t do a whole lot if people don’t like ya and they’re jealous of you and you’re happy — who cares?” “Brock was participating and Brock was doing what he was asked to do and he is an individual. He is a very unique individual. So he didn’t like to hang out with guy, didn’t like to travel the same way — okay travel some other way. It doesn’t affect — that’s what gets me — it doesn’t affect anybody else on the roster.”

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