Historic 680+day title reign ends at NXT Takeover:New York.What’s next for Dunne?

At NXT Takeover:New York fans witnessed one of the hardest hitting and brutal battles in recent memory. It was everything that we hoped it would be and more as Pete Dunne and Walter finally squared off. The match itself was certainly one for the ages and had the crowd of the edge of their seat the entire time. It looked as if Pete Dunne would continue his historic 680+ Day reign as he hit The Bitter End however Walter was able to kick out shocking the crowd. The two then took the action to the air and battled on the top turnbuckle before Walter was able to hit Dunne with a powerbomb off the top and a big splash ending his reign as WWE NXT United Kingdom Champion and changing the landscape of NXT. As Walter celebrated Dunne laid in the corner in shock. Pete Dunne has been the backbone of NXT UK since it’s inception. He’s been the very face of the brand and the title but it looks as though it’s finally time to move on. What’s next for The Bruiserweight? We expect him to move up to the main roster soon, most likley in the coming weeks after WrestleMania 35. He would certainly be a welcome addition to any brand as he has all the talent in the world. Dunne will surely aim to become the first ever UK native WWE Champion. If anyone can achieve that feat it would certainly be The Bruiserweight.

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