Injury update: Lars Sullivan could be out of action till 2020

WWE’s Goliath Lars Sullivan recently suffered an injury at WWE Super Showdown during his battle with the Lucha House Party however it was unknown exactly how severe it was until now. Sullivan recently went for tests including an MRI and we have learned at that the results are said not to be positive for The Freak. It appears that Sullivan could be out of action from 6-9 months putting him on track to return sometime in 2020.

The Ringside View: It’s been a rough time for Sullivan since hitting the main roster. Not too long ago Sullivan had taken some time off for personal issues and had also been caught up in some controversy for some previous comments he had made. Obviously this is not the start WWE was hoping for when it comes to Sullivan as he just hasn’t been able to get going. Hopefully when he returns he’s able to gain some steam quickly or else WWE may lose interest and decide to move on.

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