Jon Moxley wins NJPW US Championship-plans ahead, how long will he have it?

Not long ago Jon Moxley was one of WWE’s most popular stars. That would be enough for some as just about everyone in the business or hoping to one day be there dreams about reaching WWE and achieving their dreams. For Moxley things weren't that simple. Although he rose to great success in the Shield alongside Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins as time went on something was missing. Moxley seemingly started to lose his passion as the backstage politics, creative stifling and tough schedule took its toll on him along with various other issues. It was then that he decided to go all in and bet on himself. Moxley informed WWE a few months ago he would not be resigning with the company. In April he was free to leave and on May 25th in Las Vegas he debuted at AEW’s big Double Or Nothing event attacking Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega while shocking the wrestling world. It was then that Moxley declared that he found his passion again and that he was different, he was reborn and he was AEW. We then found out that Moxley would be taking on Juice Robinson at the NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors for the NJPW US Championship. Although Moxley is a AEW Star the promotion doesn’t really kick off till the fall on TNT. As we previously reported at a deal was put in place prior to allow Moxley to work through the summer with NJPW until the fall. Today at NJPW Moxley defeated Juice Robinson to win the NJPW US Championship. Moxley is expected to work through the summer as the champion before heading off to AEW in the fall which should make for some great matches along the way. With his career renaissance in full swing it should also be interesting to see who dethrones the newly named Death Rider Jon Moxley but until then the NJPW US Championship belongs to the man known as MOX.

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