Karl Anderson says Shinsuke Nakamura was extremely generous

Life on the road to trying to become a wrestling Star isn’t always easy. While speaking to Chasing Glory, Karl Anderson spoke about how he ended up in LA early on in his career. He had spent pretty much all the money he had to get out to LA where he lived in the dojo and also slept in the ring.

“It was two years, it was terrible like living in this dojo, you know I had no money at all. There was a time when Shinsuke Nakamura was there too. He had just came in from New Japan just to be there.”
“He said ‘Karl, please let’s go eat.’ I said, ‘Shinsuke, I can’t eat, buddy I’m a little low on money.’ He says, ‘What? No, come with me, come with me, please.'”
“So we go and he takes me to an ATM and he goes ‘Put in your card in your ATM.’ I said, ‘I don’t have any money in it, please, don’t make me do it.’ He goes, ‘Put your card in the ATM.’ So I put it in and he goes, ‘Check balance,’ and I do and I got like $14 in there and he goes, ‘What happened?!’ I said, ‘Life, man.'”
“He says, ‘I take care,’ and for like six months he bought me food every single day. I could have gotten a job, right? The people there told me they didn’t want me getting a job, they wanted me training every day. Sometimes there would be food there, there’s proteins, so there was some stuff to eat, but Shin took care of me every night.”
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