Kenny Omega says AEW Video game is an “Ultimate Goal”

While playing a little Mega Man 2 with GS TV, Kenny Omega was asked if AEW had video game aspirations. It seems like not only is it being considered, it’s an ultimate goal for the company.

“You know that’s the ultimate goal. I mean we’re trying to be an alternative. Something very different. So WWE, they have their 2k license — 2k franchise — and it’s great and a lot of people have fun with it. You know I recently worked on the New Japan Fire Pro Wrestling and I love the Fire Pro Wrestling franchise, I don’t know if you’ve played it or not, it’s great.” “What I’m trying to do is restore an old franchise. I want people to have fun with wrestling games like they used to do when I used to play wrestling games in high school.”

The Ringside View: While WWE 2K games are fun and very realistic many fans feel like there is still something missing each year. Growing up at a time where WWF Warzone and WCW/NWO Revenge were the must have games I completely understand where Omega is coming from. In fact those games are still regarded as the best wrestling games ever by many. It would definitely be fun to have an alternative and something with a different feel to it.

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