Possible HUGE Spoiler for Big WrestleMania match

As we move toward WrestleMania the whole wrestling world eagerly awaits to see just what WWE has in store for us at the show of shows. In a move that may be much to the chagrin of many fans we have received word that at this time regardless of the challenger the plan is still for Daniel Bryan to walk out of WrestleMania with the WWE Championship. This is being done in an effort to get Bryan over as a super heel. As we know the support for Kofi Kingston and #KofiMania has been nothing short of amazing however it seems like it won’t be enough for WWE to put the title on him. At least not yet, it’s very possible that WWE could wait till a show like SummerSlam to give Kofi his big moment, however we will have to wait to see how things work out.

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