Roman Reigns on Women headlining WrestleMania

While appearing on The Stephen A Smith show, Roman Reigns discussed many topics including one being WrestleMania 35 this year. When asked about the Women headlining this event, Roman mentioned that he feels like it’s refreshing and pointed out that they did a lot of hard work to get here.

“It’s huge. I mean, and this is something that the Women’s Revolution, the Women’s Evolution, it’s been just that. We’ve seen these women evolve from people who only were getting a few minutes out of a three-hour show to dominating throughout the show. And telling a three-hour story. I think it’s refreshing, to be able to see these women step up and rightfully so. They did a lot of awesome work to get to this point. And I love the fact that we highlight that. We don’t shy away from it. With everything that we do, we’re pushing these women to be as great as they can be and they’ve answered the call every step of the way.”

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