Roman Reigns supports WWE having an off-season

Talk Sport recently spoke to Roman Reigns for an interview and noted that he thinks that off-seasons would be a “great idea” because it could also be a way to refresh some of the creative angles as well.

“We do it the way we do it, and I’m never opposed to trying something new. This formula has worked and Sports

Entertainment is a ‘what have you done for me lately’ industry. Unfortunately, we don’t have an off-season like most sports or other kinds of forms of entertainment or competition but, you know, I think if we could make it work, it would give a great benefit to our performers and our fans as well. It would definitely give our performers another couple of months if not a full quarter to rest and recover, not only just from a physical standpoint, but creatively.” “When you go year-round, we’re always trying to evolve, trying to grow as far as our stories and our character goes and when you’re doing it over and over and over it can be tough. I think that’s what makes WWE and its superstars so tough and it’s an accomplishment to get to where we are. Only we can handle this and we’ve proved it, so it’s just a part of the gig. I don’t think it’s something that shouldn’t be looked into, but if the schedule stays the same I’m gonna be the guy that’ll run it.”

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