Ryback says WWE is taking fans for granted at WrestleMania 35

During Conversations With The Big Guy, Matt Koon asked Ryback if he thinks that WWE is started to take the fans for granted and he received an affirmative response.

“I would agree with that completely. I think that they have done such a great job at building WrestleMania up as it’s… people know it’s an attraction and they go to these big stadiums and they’re gonna sell out or come close to a sell out and people from all the world are gonna come for the experience of the wrestling week and with all the festivities in town.” “The event almost sells itself now to where they don’t have to put as much focus necessarily on storylines and building up that they had to in the past to sell the event. The event now is selling itself. So I think I would agree with you that does happen and this year definitely — every year seems to get a little worse as far as the lack of theirs sometimes.” “From a talent standpoint, they’re just doing what they’re told and again, I think the girls’ storyline and the women with Ronda has got a lot of attention, but the Brock and Seth stuff it just doesn’t feel as special as it should and I don’t know that’s just me watching it and I don’t know. There’s just something that doesn’t feel as big about this WrestleMania.”

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