Sasha Banks and Bayley were reportedly promised a title defense in Saudi Arabia

As we continue to cover the ongoing Sasha banks situation even more information has now become available to us at some of which is very interesting. Saudi Arabia has reportedly agreed to let WWE put on one women’s match during their next event in the country. This was after a lot of working on the issue and a ton of criticism for WWE not allowing women to compete in the Saudi Arabia events. It is said this is the reason why WWE has been so allusive when discussing another Evolution event as well.

Sasha Banks and Bayley were reportedly set to take on Beth Phoenix and Natalya at the next Saudi Arabia event in June something which was promised to them by WWE. This was said to be one of the biggest reasons why Banks and Bayley were so upset about losing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania and being told that the Hug‘N Boss tag team would be being broken up. The two have expressed their passion in the past about the Women’s division in WWE and take pride in developing it. Currently it’s not known if or when Banks may be back but the feeling is that she doesn't have the kind of pull to make demands with WWE. Vince Mcmahon himself has also reportedly stated he’s not looking to give in to Banks demands and while unknown at this time could very well involve a release from her contract. We can only hope the two sides can work something out sooner rather than later and we’ll continue to update on this story as information becomes available.

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