Scarlett Bordeaux Officially inks deal with WWE,Killer Cross not far behind?

This morning WWE all but confirmed the news that had be circling for weeks now when they officially signed Scarlett Bordeaux to a WWE contract. Bordeaux who most recently had a very successful stint over at Impact Wrestling was a big name accusation for the company. She now joins a performance center class of signings that also includes such names such as Shotzi Blackheart. That’s certainly a win when you consider all the options she surely had on the table.

It remains be seen how WWE will feature her however with her skills and popularity they are sure to figure it out. For many this also raises questions about her significant other Impact Wrestling Star Killer Cross and whether or not we will see him follow in her footsteps. Cross who is largely recognized as one of the company’s brightest stars has recently had some issues with the company and hasn’t been featured in some time. It seems as though he is all but waiting for his contract to expire which is said to do so some time in December. Does he sign with WWE after that? We may be able to shed some light on that..maybe just a little at least.

Here’s something we recently posted on Twitter. You can check out how Cross himself responds here below:

As you can see Cross made sure to like the thought of him going to WWE but seems to also be indicating that he’s trapped at the moment. Fans will surely hope that he is indeed on the way while others may hope that he heads to a company like AEW. No matter where he goes one thing is for sure and that’s that Cross is a big time Star waiting to happen. He has the look, skill and drive to be at the top of the business. If he does head to WWE the company will have one of wrestling’s greatest power couples on their hands.

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