Spoiler: Big Change to Men’s Money In The Bank match happenings at RAW

WWE booked a match with Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn this week on RAW which is being taped from London. The winner of that match would get a MITB ladder match spot meaning that The Monster Among Men’s place in the match was up for grabs.

As we’ve mentioned before at TheRingsideRoster.com Braun Strowman might have some backstage heat right now thanks to a big WrestleMania botch and some of his actions backstage in the past which have been detrimental to himself. Apparently, whatever the issues might be they were enough to get Braun pulled from the upcoming match. Sami Zayn won thanks to some heels like Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre getting involved.

Sami Zayn will now be competing in the Money In The Bank ladder match this Sunday instead of Braun Strowman which is certainly and interesting development that we will continue to follow.



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