Sting on WWE being a “Global killing machine”

While speaking to Inside The Ropes, Sting was asked if he ever felt a hidden agenda during his time in WWE to rub it in that WWE won the Monday Night Wars. Sting seemed fine with it because it’s in the past and WWE obviously won.

“I think everyone’s over it [the Monday Night Wars] I really do. I mean it’s done and gone and I mean what more do you want? You know? I mean they did win, I mean WCW is long gone. WWE is a global killing machine and you can’t get any bigger. I mean it’s one of the biggest like Vince McMahon says it’s one of the biggest ‘spectacles in all of sports entertainment.’ It truely is.” “I mean where ever they go the world comes to see it. They travel all over the world they come to WrestleMania. So it is what it is and that’s that.”

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