The Man comes around at WrestleMania as Lynch becomes Undisputed WWE Women’s Champion

It has been a long road full of detours and speedbumps at every turn on her quest to be the WWE Women’s Champion for Becky Lynch. She has had to battle everyone from the McMahon family to Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to achive this moment. Finally at WrestleMania 35 in front of a sold out NJ/NY crowd Becky Lynch was able to make her dream come true as The Man did indeed come around. Lynch who went through a grueling battle at WrestleMania with both Rousey and Flair in the “Winner Take All” Women’s Championship match was able to walk out victorious pinning Ronda Rousey. As The Man celebrated Rousey laid on the canvas in shock. WrestleMANia has arrived and Becky Lynch is your NEW Unidisputed WWE Women’s Champion. What’s next for The Man? We’ll soon find out on RAW tomorrow night but, one thing is for’s her time now.

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