The reason why WWE brought back King Of The Ring

The King Of The Ring tournament is one of WWE’s most beloved events although we haven’t seen it in some time. The tournament has helped launch stars careers in the past. Stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart all benefitted from it.

WWE recently announced it’s return which will begin next Monday on RAW with the finals taking place at WWE Clash Of Champions on September 15th.

It seems though that WWE had one Superstar in mind when bringing it back. WWE reportedly constructed the King Of The Ring Tournament because it is all being built around pushing Ricochet who will be the winner of the whole thing.

Although there are several big names such as Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens in the match it shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all Ricochet does go by the moniker King Ricochet already as he has for some time so we’ll just call this his official coronation.

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