Things heat up between Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio on RAW, could a turn be coming?

Tonight on RAW we saw Seth Rollins continue to antagonize the Mysterio family. Rollins came to the ring and claimed to have DNA evidence that Dominik Mysterio was in fact not Rey Mysterio’s son (Wait..this sure sees familiar doesn’t it.)

Mysterio came out with his family and told Rollins that he was tired of hearing him talk about his family. Mysterio told him that he already proved he was the father years ago. Rollins agreed and suggested that maybe Aalyah was the one who was not his daughter. Rollins then asked why she consoled Murphy last week and what was going on between them. Rey Mysterio then told Rollins to stop talking and claimed she was a naive young girl. Aalyah didn’t take too kindly to that and walked away.

Later backstage Rey confronted her and she told him that she was over everything and was tired of it all. She noted that she wasn’t the naive girl that he claimed and walked away.

We then saw Murphy approach her backstage and thank her for her help last week on RAW. He then apologized for everything that’s been done to her and the family as the two gazed at each other for a bit. This was certainly an interesting moment to say the very least.

We previously reported at TRR that WWE had been heavily discussing backstage possible plans for a romantic angle between Murphy and Aalyah. It appears they are now following through with those plans. It also looks like a turn could be coming for Aalyah who may align herself with Murphy and the Greater Good. Eventually we would expect it to lead to Murphy using her as a part of a plan by Seth Rollins. Think of it as a Stephanie McMahon situation when she was younger and turned on her father years ago to go with “the bad boy” Triple H. It should be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks, but we’ll certainly be watching out for this storyline.

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