Vince McMahon’s current role in WWE

Triple H recently talked about Vince McMahon’s current role in WWE while speaking to the Sports Business Journal. He is still very active in WWE. Even though he has the XFL and other projects, McMahon is at RAW and SmackDown to make sure everything runs to his liking.

“Vince has the most incredible work ethic of any person I have ever seen,” Triple H said. “It’s impossible to hang with him on a long term basis even at 73. It’s crazy: he still trains every day, still does everything but he’s hands on on so many things, not because he micromanages or not because he can’t let people succeed and do things, but when it comes to creative and the shows, he’s at RAW and SmackDown every week. That’s the part that he loves; he found himself as a business man but that’s what he loves to do and he’s awesome at it, and that is his passion. He won’t give that up, not because he’s his passion.”

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