Vince McMahon using WWE Superstar to show fans how he feels

Vince McMahon is use to being a heel on WWE TV. He isn’t too bad at getting heat from crowds either as we have seen over the years, but he is getting up there in age and isn’t on screen as much anymore.

We have learned at that someone in the know called PW Torch‘s post RAW show and said that Sami Zayn’s promos are actually what Vince McMahon thinks about the fans. Apparently, Zayn is shooting on behalf of The Chairman as he lets fans have it every week.

“That’s not Sami Zayn’s promos. That’s Vince McMahon talking through Sami Zayn.” 

This isn’t surprising as Vince McMahon is never shy about letting the fans know how he feels but using a WWE Superstar to do it is quite interesting.

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