Why Chris Jericho wants Kevin Owens to induct him into the WWE Hall Of Fame

During a recent Talk Is Jericho Q&A, Jericho revealed who he would like to induct him for a WWE Hall Of Fame induction.

“I used to think that Shawn Michaels would be good, but he has done it before. I think, honestly, Kevin Owens would be good and I’ll tell you the reason why. He grew up as a fan of mine and then I ended up doing this amazing angle with him. We had great chemistry. And, again, a cool whole eight-month angle or whatever it was, so I think it would be kind of cool to have him do it from both sides of the coin, from being a fan of Chris Jericho and then getting to work with Chris Jericho. Like, when Shawn got inducted, they never asked me, but I would have been a real good candidate. I would say Kevin Owens,or my go to answer is always Funaki.”

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