Why The Fiend didn’t appear this week on WWE TV

At Summerslam Bray Wyatt’s New Fiend persona finally made its debut much to the shock and awe of wrestling fans everywhere.

The Fiend made his way to the ring to the eery theme of Bray Wyatt’s old theme but a much darker version. He also carried a lantern of the old Bray Wyatt’s head officially signaling that The Fiend is here to stay. Finn Balor was also stunned and it didn’t take The Fiend long to pick up the win over Balor with his devastating Mandible Claw before disappearing into the darkness.

His appearance at Summerslam left fans eager to see what The Fiend would do next. However, this week on RAW and SmackDown he did not make his presence known leaving fans wondering why.

We have learned according to sources that Bray Wyatt wasn’t shown on WWE TV this week to follow up on The Fiend debuting at SummerSlam because they want his character to be special and for it to feel like you’ll never know when he’s going to strike next. WWE has big plans in the works for him and they want to do it just right which is great.

The Ringside View: Bray Wyatt has truly struck gold with this character and is without a doubt the hottest Superstar in all of WWE. WWE is even having a hard time keeping his merchandise in stock which of course is a good sign. It’s understandable that they want to be very specific with his character however and leave the fans wanting more. We can’t wait to see where he appears next and who Let’s him in.

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