WWE reportedly refuses to let Dolph Ziggler out of contract after Summerslam

Summerslam was the biggest party of the summer..unless your name is Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler of course was defeated by Goldberg in dominating fashion.

Bodyslam.net reports that Dolph Ziggler and Vince McMahon had a deal that he would work through Summerslam with Monday being his final date. Then McMahon would grant Ziggler his release from the company. Apparently, that didn’t work out.

On Monday prior to RAW, Dolph approached Vince McMahon to thank him, however it was then that Vince told Dolph that he could not let him out of his deal, and that he would “rather just pay him to stay home.”

The Ringside View: This is obviously not a good situation for either side. Ziggler wants his ticket out and WWE is now supposedly refusing to do so. It’s a situation that should be interesting going forward. There‘s no doubt with his talent and accomplishments that he will be one of the hottest free agents once he leaves WWE and companies like AEW and NJPW would love to have him.

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