WWE’s plan for referee in Seth Rollins Vs Baron Corbin match

While WWE has been touting Baron Corbin naming his own referee at Stomping Grounds for his match with Seth Rollins we have yet to see an official announcement. On RAW last night we saw Elias, EC3 and others attempt to be the referee for the match only to be taken out swiftly by Rollins and a steel chair. With only days to go until the PPV and still no official referee word is that WWE is going to wait until the show itself to let everyone in on just who it will be. This is done as a way to hopefully gain interest in the show and get people to tune in. With WWE having issues with ticket sales for Stomping Grounds it’s not surprising that they would try something like this so we’ll to just wait and find out out who they plan to choose for the Universal Championship match.

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